Thursday, April 5, 2012

Giving this another try...

Three great beers this week.

Friday, February 11, 2011


The last time I took a long pause inbetween posts, I wrote the same thing: It's been a long time...

Real original.


It's been a long time...

I really wish I could find the time and energy to regularly update this blog. I enjoy sharing great beer with the few that take the time to read these posts.

Tonight I am enjoying Avery The Czar, an absolutely delicious imperial stout. Toffee notes do a nice job balancing out a fairly boozy beer. Those that follow my beer choices on Untappd (Steve Larson) and Twitter (@beernaked) are aware that I have been a champion of diversity lately. Finding a beer this good makes me want to stock my fridge. And the price makes is even more appealing. Actually, I think the price is a major factor in my accolades. Had this been a $15 monster, my expectations would have been set a lot higher.

Needless to say, I am impressed with this high quality, very tasty RIS.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Take that back. Pretty interesting. I like the sour funky. And I agree with Blake- cool label.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

A day filled with delicious food and family would not be complete without Craft Beer. What are you drinking? I will likely go with Poppa Skull from Dogfish/FFF and Lucky Bastard from Stone as those are new and cold in my fridge. I also have the new Sam Adams Winter Pack chilling. Maybe a Chocolate Bock before bed?

Either way, today is a good day to show any beer-haters in your family just how well beer can pair with food. Try a good triple with your turkey or a brown ale with your stuffing. Open a stout or porter with dessert.

Either way, have a great holiday, enjoy wonderful food and beer, and travel safely.



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Goose Island, Three Floyd's & Dogfish Head

Just received an email from one of my beer guys. He has Alpha Klaus and Poppa Skull on hold for me tomorrow. While both will be easy to pick up over the next week or two, it is nice to know there is someone looking out for me. My schedule doesn't always allow for frequent beer store trips and I have been known to miss out on rare offerings from time to time.

I can also look out for myself. I will be in line before work on Friday to grab a bottle of Goose Island BCS Rare. Looking forward to giving that a try if I can grab more than one. If only one, I will likely age.

Going to give Dogfish Head Namaste a whirl this evening. Looking forward to the 5% ABV. While the release timing is a bit confusing given the chilly months ahead, a more session-able ale is a welcome respite from the boozier seasonal options currently available.

On to more important things - bedtime for my son!

Namaste... (I almost pulled that off with a straight face).

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's been a long time...

But I am back home. Actually, just the opposite. Heading to San Antonio tomorrow for work. Will enjoy some of the finer Ice Houses and such in the great state. But in the emotional sense, I am right where I belong because ... stouts are here! I love gathering up the great, viscous whatever that comes with this time of the year. I just picked up a 2009 Goose Island BCS yesterday. I passed on the 2010. I figure I will read a few reviews. Either way, the real treat will be the 2010 BCS Vanilla. Can't wait to try.

Another of my favorites arrived on the scene last week. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. I did something I have never done; I bought a case of the stuff. To be honest, it is a bit boozy, but boy does it age well!

Just previewing my cellar and it is no longer in its death throes:

2009-10 Brooklyn Black Ops
2010 FFF Dark Lord
2010 Green Flash Barleywine
Stone Vertical Epic 10.10.10
Bell's Batch 9000
Bell's Expedition Stout
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
2009 Goose Island BCS

Nothing too impressive, but I am actually managing it at this point to ensure optimal coolness for Dark Lord Day. As fucking geeky as that sounds, I was a little embarrassed with the cooler I brought last year and would like to make amends. I also want to make sure I don't blow my wad on April 24th. So active management it is - Active Management, when translated to my wife, means spending more on already expensive beer. Joy.

And then another work trip next week. This time to San Diego. Escondido to be exact. And my client loves dinner at Stone. So... I intend to do an early dinner and then enjoy a few beverages I cannot procure in the Midwest before heading back to my hotel. I love that place - the food and the beer list are second to none.

And that is that ... good evening friends.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I might be done sweating now

Claritin-D and drinking

I posted on my evening but I must have worked my liver overtime. Every time I move my body, I start sweating. I am that gross guy on the subway you don't want to sit next to. Sorry dude, now you know why I wanted the aisle seat.

Off to work. Tonight is supposed to be a Dark Lord tasting, but if this cold is still in full swing I may have to pass.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So. I love Sheffield's.

Seriously. Walked in after great Cubs game and they had six taps of Southern Tier! Had a taste of Jah-vah and a snifter of Gemini (my phone kept wanting to default feminism for Gemini). A hoppy and boozy affair with enough backbone to be respected in the morning. Nice nose and a sweet disposition lend to drinkability. I like it!